A journal inspired by Author & Illustrator Maurice Sendak.

I had just about finished binding this journal I made using the beautifully illustrated book by Maurice Sendak when I heard the sad news he had passed away.

'Where The Wild Things Are' is such a imaginative & magically adventurous story,  I thought it fit Kahal's personality perfectly. I wanted the journal to have an old-school textbook feel and for it to look more like a traditional scrapbook I used craft paper and pages from an old textbook along with masking tape to give it worn-out but loved look.

I will be using this journal mainly to document all the funny things Kahal says, hence the title. There are loads of extra pages to fill up as the years go by. I think it will be fun bedtime reading filled with giggles, as a child loves nothing more than hearing stories about themselves, also a lovely memory book for him when he grows up. I thought using one of his favourite storybooks would be a great idea, although he was't too pleased at the sight of me ripping up his beloved book, he is excited about having a journal devoted entirely to him.