Everyone loves a good story...

And when it's your own amazing story,it becomes that much more interesting!

My customised wedding guest books with a storybook style seem to be a huge hit and I have been pleasantly surprised as to how something I enjoyed doing in my spare time is now slowly turning into something that I would quite happily dedicate all my time to.

I have a quote stuck up in my studio which reads ''Research it,plan it,DO it! '' and that is exactly what I intend to continue doing,because it seems to be working!

Below is a slideshow of a storybook I made for a client in Wales,who had a rather large wedding...this called for a larger book of course which ended up being 4 inches thick! LOVE chunky books,the way the feel when you hold them or look when you put them on a shelf. It is full of shades of purple and grey which were the wedding theme colours.The book was also made using ripped pages from an old Elizabethan Prose book,vintage lace trim,painted pages with acrylic and crackle paint. As an add-on to the usually design,this storybook also had separate pockets for the wedding party which was requested by Kirby as she had seen the coptic bound Shabby Chic wedding guest book and loved the idea of separate tags  for her nearest and dearest folk.

My books are available to buy from my Etsy shop 'A suitcase of memories'  where you will also find other Lotus Blu creations.