Step back in time....

Women are drying red chillies in the square,children running around with Lokta paper prayer flags using them as kites.Cart wheels rumble on the cobbled street,I move aside to let them pass.
Mesmerised by the colours,the sights and sounds,I make my way down a narrow alley where a tiny doorway washed in verdigris,outlined in burnt sienna opens up into a dark chamber lit up with oil lamps creating a golden glow on the hammered brass panelled walls of what can only be described as the smallest temple on earth.A lady with a weathered face walks up with an encouraging smile,draped in ultramarine and adorned with marigolds. I smile back and make my through the alley which opens out onto Durbar square,the plaza facing the royal temple of the living child Goddess,better known as the Kumari [princess]

Some places leave a lasting impression on ones mind and soul,Nepal is one such place.If you ever get chance,do go see it for yourself,you will not be disappointed.

These Photo Journal were inspired by a visit to Nepal back in the early 90's, a journey I will never forget as it introduced me to the use of colours as I had never seen before.

Mixed media - Relief printing and paintings in chalk paint,printing ink & acrylics.

IMG_2054 Rangoli ~ accordion fold mini album IMG_1410 IMG_1381 IMG_6013