A journey from the shade of the Mango tree.

''He that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.''-Anne Brontë

My most favourite project to date has to be this photo journal created for my old friend Sumayya, better known as  Pukka Paki ,a brave girl who not long ago turned her back on her successful Law career with a steady paycheck to follow her passion for food and to educate people about the differences between Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

From sitting behind a desk in a London Law,firm daydreaming about food recipes to making her dreams reality,Sumayya is now a successful food blogger,cookery teacher and writer for various best selling magazines. She is an example to us all,proving that with perseverance and handwork anything is possible.We are after all only limited by our imagination.
Take your senses through a journey of taste,sights and sounds of Pakistani cuisine,street food and its history the Pukka Pakistani way. I love the analogy she uses in her writing.It is something that takes me back my life in Karachi too. A place both Sumayya and I knew as warm,sunny,safe and happy...so far removed from the Pakistan of today,which sadly has too many issues to mention, both political and religious,but what Sumayya is trying to do,is help to remind people about the goodness that still remains in that  mainly unexplored land of much curiosity,history,heritage and simply delicious wholesome food.
Usually when starting a new project I get butterflies and worry it will never come together,
so creating a book for Sumayya to add her life to was not going to be an easy task as she is a perfectionist! I consider myself a perfectionist too,but my friend takes it to another level!
I sat back and thought about the storybook I was about to create,using the ideas,chapters and titles I was given to be incorporate from a brief as long as my arm ! Here is what I created for her following those ideas...a photo journal full of hints of life growing up in Pakistan,from her inspiring mother,grandmothers and aunts to discovering her own talent for cooking,writing,being a parent,her love of roses,horses,sailing and photography to mention but a few things!
Full of inspiration taken from chintzy prints from Pakistani textiles,some Sindhi embroidery ocean tones mixed with the vibrant clashing colours used in Pakistani Truck Art and Ajrak [block printed cotton shawls defining a certain Sindhi Tribe]

Hand bound using the Coptic stitch attached to a hardback cover.

Mixed media - Block printing ink,chalk paint,acrylic,pigment inks.