B is for Baby.

Which other fabric says 'baby soft' more than muslin! I just love it for its softness and its smell,which reminds me of warm sunny days wrapped up in its delicate weave.

I usually make silk roses for the cover of most of my books,but for the baby albums I have been working on,it had to be muslin.

I dyed the fabric using a couple of drops of Winsor & Newton ink [which I love!] added a little water and then scrunched up the muslin into the tray to soak up the ink.

Ripping,rather than cutting the muslin into strips created a natural puckering within the weave which helped me roll the strips into tattered looking roses.

The delicate pastel dyed muslin was what I used as inspiration for the two baby books I made for my customers.

[4''x8'' muslin ripped to size then dipped into ink mixed with a little water. ]                          

[Dyed muslin in pretty pastels drying out in the wind.]


[Scrunching up the muslin & dipping into the dye creates a lovely blotchy effect. [not quite tie n dye]
[Ice cream coloured muslin! Make them into roses to add to little bags or maybe even a book.
The possibilities are endless!]

 ------------------ [Baby Jesse] -------------------

~Watercolours,ink,recycled card,Irish linen cord & canvas.

A baby album wouldn't be complete without some bunting!

          The spine was left blank so the parents can write their baby's name once they decide on one.

The last chapter in this baby storybook was all about my favourite time of year ,Christmas!
[vellum collage + block printing]