Not enough hours in the day!

I really need a 50 hour day to be able to fit in all the things I would like to get done.

I have been working away in the background on many projects ,from crafting all kinds of  papery goodness to be part of wonderful weddings all over the world, to revamping my home studio as well as creating a new product which I shall be adding to my Etsy Shop very soon,so do check back next week for details...But,for now I shall leave you with a sneaky peek at what I have been up to lately.

                                                            Behold the thinking corner...
                  My recently revamped studio,this is where I begin my day,with a cuppa and silence.

I also made some props for the next Quirky Weddings Fair in September. 
Love these seriously easy to make book sculptures,have a go!
Here's a quick youtube Tutorial I found on how to make one.

                                            And of course making books and plenty of them!

                                     If you want to have a nosey at more photos of my books,
                                                hop on over to my Lotus Blu Facebook Page

                                                       Before I end this rather quick  post,

                             I'll leave you with a photo of my most favourite book I made this month...
                                                          The beautiful paper rose album!