Waste not want not...

That's what my Grandma used to say. She was a champion recycler and always tried to find multiple uses for most things we would discard of once they have served their purpose,but then she had lived through post war Britain,where rationing was in force and everyone had the attitude of 'make do & mend'...My clever Grandmother was not just frugal,but more importantly was very passionate about looking after the environment.

Whenever I visited her she used to give me things she had saved for me to use in some crafty kind of way. I still have many of those little bits of lace or buttons she had carefully removed from an old dress or unusual stamps saved from a letter...She instilled that trait in me too and now I cannot ever bring myself to designing products that have just one purpose.

Weddings are expensive enough without having to spend tons of money on a single item only for it to be never used again or worst still,thrown away! So I have designed this canvas wedding seating plan which is made in such a way that after the wedding,the seating plan can be easily removed and the canvas can then be reused as wall art with just the beautiful silk flowers framing the top and the couples initials and wedding date...a reminder of a wonderful day.

And,if you like to dabble in a bit painting or craft yourself,why not alter the canvas after the wedding?

Would look great propped up on an easel,table or even hung on a wall at a wedding.

This canvas is now available for custom order on Etsy at  A suitcase of memories