An inspirational European vacation.

So it seems turning 40 ain't all that bad after all!

How could I complain after getting to celebrate my 40th birthday travelling,meeting friends,drinking delicious coffee,eating beautiful food and getting to take a ton of photographs.

Right from the rustic charm of France ,the magnificent crumbling city of Rome,the weather beaten and laid back lifestyle of Sorrento to the picturesque island of Capri, this journey has left me feeling very inspired.

Here's a peek into my travels. I had the most amazing time!

                        [any use of these photos is prohibited - All Rights Reserved.copyright Lotus Blu © 2013.]

[Cruseilles & Annecy,France]

[French Alps]

[beauty in decay - withered rose]

[The picture perfect town of Annecy]

[quaint rooftops of Annecy]

After a delightful couple of days in France,

my husband and I flew from Geneva to 


[hazy Swiss Alps from the plane window]

 [first stop, gelato for breakfast! Well, when in Rome... ]

 [The Pantheon]

[Rome is a place where everyone likes to leave their mark.]

[inspiring textures everywhere]

[Close up of 

Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi ]

[Beautiful frescoes inside one of the many churches ]

 [Fontana de Trevi. Who would not want to return to this beautiful city?]

[Making my way to the Vatican.]

[St.Peter's Basilica across the bridge.]

[I got told off for taking pictures in the Sistine Chapel by one of the guards,

but,it was worth it for this not so clear shot of Michaelangelo's famous ceiling fresco.]


Rome up close


[The pretty fishing village of Sorrento]

[Sorrento up close]

[Capri ]

[two of my favourites,turquoise and bougainvillea] 

[On the boat back to Sorrento.Unedited beautiful sunset.Perfect ending to a perfect holiday.]

Well,that's my vacation over for a while.It's time to get back in the studio where I will be spending a lot of hours making new books inspired by my travels.

Ciao until next time!