Up Up and away! [For the love of travel & adventure]

Having themed gatherings and weddings seems to be quite the trend these day ,one such theme is that of travel and adventure taken from the film UP.I can see why people may be drawn to this as a wedding theme ,because it is essentially a story of never ending love and devotion .

I remember when I watched Up I cried like a baby! The touching tale of a Ellie and Carl who built their relationship on friendship and trust. It was a sad story indeed,but one that makes you realise life is fleeting and we must always make the most of what we have. 
My most favourite quote from the film is this one Ellie writes forCarl…
''Thanks for the adventure -now,go have a new one!'' 
While thinking on the lines of themes I thought I'd make a wedding guest book based on Up but with painted pages like  my Photo Journals . After researching a little to see what else was available on these lines I found all the albums were made to look almost identical to the one in the film…I wanted to make something different that captured the essence of the film,but wasn't just a copy of the one Ellie & Carl had.So this is what I came up with.
 [Now available to for custom orders at LotusBluBookArt ]
I painted the cover with a scene of the hill and big oak tree where 
Ellie & Carl daydream about their adventures.
The balloons have an old fashioned ticket keeping them together with the title 
'Our Adventure' 
[The most exciting  part of creating this book were these tiny clay balloons.I used different colour ink,gave each one a little pattern and texture.perfect like little candy drops.]
The inside cover has names scribed in black ink
The rest of the book is filled with loads of space for photos,written memories in the journal sections
 and memorabilia 

This was a very satisfying project which I was excited about creating.I am really happy it turned out the way I saw it in my minds eye,I hope you like it too.