handmade paper scrolls

I recently got a supply of beautiful handmade eco-paper and couldn't wait to make my version of a scroll book.


These paper scrolls can be used as a wedding guestbook,sketchbook or watercolour art book.


The paper has a slight fleck of dried plants and a lovely natural deckled edge which adds to the overall rustic feel.These scrolls are such fun to make and I can see myself ending up with a cupboard full of them very quickly! But,for now I have just these two offerings available on Etsy.


Each scroll can be personalised with a name or short title and are ready to post.


[Rustic distressed burlap cover,25 handmade paper pages,hand bound and tied with vintage tusar silk]


IMG_5606 IMG_5638 IMG_5566IMG_5584 IMG_5587


Tied with recycled silk fibres and birch wood slice to which I can add a name or title in modern calligraphy.

IMG_5624 IMG_5552IMG_5660