Paper sculptures by Li Hongbo ~ Statues In Motion


Yes,that's right these are paper sculptures made by a brilliant Chinese Paper Artist , Li Hongbo.



At first glance they look as if they are carved out of stone or plaster,but they are in fact made of thousands of layers of paper glued together in a traditional paper honeycomb like structure.Li Hongbo's work is influenced by his fascination with traditional Chinese decorations known as paper gourds,the kind we use for kids birthday parties or festive occasions,but Li Hongbo has taken this technique and propelled it to another level,creating these spectacular almost other worldly forms,carved by hand.


How can a mass of paper,something so solid look so fluid? Watching the busts transform as they are pulled and distorted,one sees so many different human expressions like happiness,grief,fear and shock or the soul departing a body;these sculptures stretch your imagination and leave you feeling in awe of this Artist!



Take a few moments to enjoy the video below,it is truly fascinating. 




[All images courtesy of  kid guy collective]


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   [Statues in Motion ~ Video produced by Kid Guy Collective In collaboration with Klein Sun Gallery]




See the artist making sculptures.