Summoning Springtime

With just 6 weeks left of Winter, I am beginning to get very excited about the weather turning;seeing young shoots of life creeping through the soil in my tiny backyard always fills me with wonder. Even the birds seem to be singing a little more happily these days,as if summoning Springtime with their symphony.

So,in an attempt to bring a little early Spring freshness to my studio work table,I thought I'd make some small books with dried leaves and flowers on the covers. These are essentially little sketchbooks made with 85gm [lightweight] Fabriano sketch paper which I bought at Shepherds, a charming bookbinding store in London. This sketch paper is also good for writing notes and such. Made using a gluing method so pages can be pulled out if needed.

I am in the process of adding these A6 sized books to a new shop I will have right here on this website. In the meantime here is a glimpse of a few.

  [dried pansy petals and bamboo leaves]


[young geranium leaf]


 [Dried marigold petals and leaf from a Neem tree]


Well,I hope you enjoyed these new designs.I hope to add some more to this Spring collection. Maybe a cherry blossom one next! [although,I'm not sure how well the blossom would preserve]