A world through hands by Renate Hiller


Today I would like to share with you a short,but important video about the greatness of working with your hands. I have had a few 9-5 desk jobs in my lifetime and now having worked as a full-time bookbinder, I can truly say that nothing compares to the wonderful satisfaction felt having made something entirely by hand. As Renate Hiller says …


'' Using our hands grounds us — in work and in relationship. As we create something, hopefully beautiful, with our hands, we are transforming our moral and social senses. We evolve; we change. We notice things that we passed over the day before: the curve in a sidewalk to make way for a tree in the boulevard, the purl of a scarf, the transition of a capital that greets the ceiling. We observe the mundane and see it anew. The process of creating through the hands becomes a spiritual practice.''


~Renate Hiller, co-director of the Fiber Craft Studio at the Threefold Educational Center in Chestnut Ridge, New York



A fellow bookbinder, Meghan of Binding Bee introduced me to On Being, a spiritual public radio conversation and podcast hosted by the calming voice of Krista Tippett. I like to listen to this channel which in their own words pursues wisdom and moral imagination as much as knowledge; holding esteem for nuance and poetry as much as fact. 

Although I do enjoy my social media interactions friends and movies on Netflix now and again, but since listening to On Being and other audio books, I find I can double the amount of work and focus better on the job at hand.  Here's to an enlightened and more productive 2015 for all of us.