Handmade guest books with a Woodland Wedding theme

A wedding is probably one of the most special occasions a couple will experience apart from the birth of a child, so it is only natural to spend a lot of time choosing the perfect setting for their big day. Themed weddings seem to be a big thing and out of all the different weddings I have made guest books and photo albums for recently, the woodland wedding theme or garden themed weddings are by far my favourite to work on.

Woods and forests are a romantic and magical place where time seems to slow down a little as we connect with nature. I can't think of a nicer place to spend a day with loved ones celebrating in a relaxed environment away from the stuffiness and sometimes over organised feel of hotels or manor homes. 

One of my most favourite designs and most popular is the Forest Finds Storybook ,this book is perfect to use as a wedding memory book as it is both a guestbook and photo album. Ireland has plenty of woods and forests to explore so I love going for longs walks with my family where I am always on the look out for twigs,bark and leaves basically anything earthy to use in my woodland inspired books. Here are a few guest books and albums I have made recently,these are all available to customise in my Etsy shop.