Leather artist scroll in an antique tea caddy

Leather artist scroll in an antique tea caddy


I have a collection of antique boxes which has grown with my travels and places I have lived over the years. I recently moved to Thornton, a small village in West Yorkshire famed for being the birth place of the Bronte sisters. In the village there is the tiniest, lopsided antique shop where I found this beautiful old tea caddy, I am told it is victorian. 

I have made a scroll to fit inside, covered with reclaimed navy blue leather bound with burnished hemp paper which has been traditionally used in Indian for centuries to paint Mughal miniatures on. This paper works beautifully with gouache and watercolours, but can also be used with most artistic media. The scroll is tied with hessian rope finished with a vintage wool tassel off a camel sack.

•H 12.5 x W 10.5 x D 10.5 cm [5x 4x 4 inches ]

•Rolled up : 7 x 10.5 cm [ 2.5 x 4 inches]
•Fully unrolled : 7 x 34 cm [13.5 x 4 inches]

•Hand bound with 26 pages [52 sides] of hand torn burnished hemp paper with stained edges.
•Covered with reclaimed navy blue leather with fabric remnants from a vintage Swati shawl.
•Tied with hessian rope with vintage tassel detail.
•Bookmark with beaded ends. 
•Decorative tie-dyed lokta paper endpaper. 


A collectors item which would make a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates old boxes or miniature hand bound books.

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