welcome to Lotus Blu book art.

A small artisan bindery based in West Yorkshire, England providing an eclectic range of book art services for all occasions. Each hand bound book has a high design whimsical element about them, keepsakes made for treasured memories, not something that should be hidden away, but instead displayed, loved and maybe passed on to their next guardian.

In an age of mass production of machine bound books, we strive to stay true to the tradition of simple hand bound books, a slow and mediative process.

If you are looking for a keepsake book for a special occasion do get in touch using the contact form above.

Moneeza Khan [Book Artist + Bookbinder]

My love of photography led me to making journals and photo albums to document my travels in the early 90's when I worked as a product designer for a family run handicrafts business which enabled me to travel through South Asia and beyond sourcing handmade crafts, vintage textiles and rugs. It was during this enriching period in my life that I was drawn to the art of bookbinding which I have since been exploring as an art form. I am self-taught, constantly learning and full of ideas for more books than I probably have time to make. My work is heavily influenced by my South Asian and English heritage, I like to create books that look like they have been found in a dusty old attic and have a great story inside them.